Cubs Starlin Castro Questioned In Shooting

Updated: Castro’s agent Paul Kinzer has says Castro had nothing to do with the shooting and was never detained by authorities. Kinzer says that Castro went in voluntarily to talk to authorities and that the police have video showing he was not involved. Castro is currently at his home in Monte Cristi as his agent Kizner makes clear Castro wasn’t “released” because he was never “held.”

Kizner went on to say that his client is a “target” and needs to get out of the Dominican Republic and that the Cubs are advising him to do so as well. Kizner says there have been numerous attempts to extract money from his client and his status as a wealthy celebrity makes him a target. “They think if they can tie Starlin Castro to it, he’s got to give them money” says Kizner.

Jacobo Mateo Moquete of the Dominican Republic National Police tweeted that Castro had been questioned but never said Castro was arrested. He also tweeted that Castro’s home was raided by the Dominican National Police and local authorities.

Again follow Baseball Essential as more details are released we will bring them to you.

Original: For the second time in less than a month, Chicago Cubs all-star shortstop Starlin Castro is being questioned in connection with a shooting.

ESPN Deportes Enrique Rojas reported earlier today that Castro had been detained by the authorities for questioning in a shooting in the Dominican Republic that left six people injured, one currently listed in serious condition. A spokesperson for the police has said some people close to Castro participated in the shooting.

Earlier this month, Castro was linked to another shooting in the Dominican Republic along with Texas Rangers prospect Engel Beltre that reportedly left three people injured, but was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

There are not many details on the incident or Castro’s connection at this moment. Stay tuned to Baseball Essential as we will bring you more details as they are made available.

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