Kansas City Royals: Top 10 Prospects

8. Jorge Bonifacio- This year was very rough for Bonifacio. The brother of Emilio Bonifacio is considered an all-around better player than Emillio. His best hitting tool will be his power. Though it hasn’t been showcased through his stats, Bonifacio has plus power that could turn into 20 home runs per year. He is going to need to hit enough to be able to tap into his raw power. I think that Bonifacio is going to make the needed adjustments this offseason to get back on track. If he never tapes into his power I think that would make him a between player. A between player is someone who isn’t quite good enough to start but good enough not to be a full time bench player. Bonifacio is an average runner which translates into maybe 10 stolen bases. Defensively, Bonifacio is a great player with a plus arm. 2015 will show if Bonifacio will become the great player he is projected to be.

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