Power Rankings: Top 15 First Basemen in the Majors

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, and Happy Kwanzaa to anyone who celebrates!

I do know one holiday we all celebrate and that is opening day! Unfortunately we still have to wait a bit for that. For now let’s look forward to whom I expect to be the top 15 1st baseman in the MLB for the 2015 season.

Only rule:

1: I am working under the assumption that the players ranked will play 1st base and not DH (such as Pujols and Abreu)

So without further ado:

On the Bubble: Eric Hosmer, Carlos Santana, Matt Adams, Albert Pujols, Justin Morneau

4 Responses

  1. jdn

    Ridiculous Pujols is not considered to be in the top 15 first baseman in baseball today. Have his numbers slipped, certainly but to not rank him in the top 15 is freaking insulting and just flat out stupid.

    • Will Gribin

      He is in the top 15. That’s what the “On the Bubble” is on the first page.

      Thanks for the feedback though. Seems like we might be on the same page

  2. Al-Kendall

    I don’t know why you did not rank Morneau higher on the list. Not only did he win the 2014 NL BA crown, but he is an excellent defender at 1B.

    • Will Gribin

      It’s funny that you say that because I actual just had an entire discussion where I had to defend having Morneau on the list at all. If it’s any consolation, Morneau is #11.


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