Five Biggest Steals of Free Agency

Michael Morse (1B/SS/OF) – Miami Marlins – 2 years/$16 million

Michael Morse is definitely a guy that definitely could have gotten more money, especially since he’s coming off a World Series win. It looks as though Morse took the home-state discount by signing a small deal. Morse had a line of .279/.336/.476 last season, and came up big in the playoffs by hitting .300. Morse has been an up-and-down player for the most part, during his career. As of late however, he’s been more up than down, so for him to only accept $16 for two years is a very good deal, especially since the Marlins are shelling out $325 million to Giancarlo Stanton over the next 13 years. If the Marlins are trying to win now, and do make it into the playoffs, Morse has veteran experience that can help lead the charge.

2 Responses

  1. Pat

    If Billy Butler had shown more power, he wouldn’t have signed with the A’s. Royals would have picked up his option.

  2. Kevin

    The Butler signing is bigger in name only, but his impact will be negligible for that team after the fire sale they’ve engaged in.


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