The Super-Marlins Fan Who Won’t Shave

Today on MLB Network, fans used the hashtag, #FaceOfTheMarlin, to decide the face of the franchise. Would it be the world-famous “Marlins Man” or Giancarlo Stanton? In honor of the day, MLB Network had  super Marlins fan Andres (@latinoloco4rwf) on Hot Stove to show off how a vow has gone for him.

Andres, a lifelong Marlins fan, shaved his head when Jose Fernandez went down with an injury, and has allowed his hair, and beard, to grow out since then. It should be noted that Fernandez is not expected to be back on the field until mid-way through this upcoming season, so his already interesting hair will only get more, well, interesting to say the least.

We had a chance to catch up the super fan today.

BBE: How have these past 7 months fared for you?
The past 7 months have been great! The out pour of support from the Marlin Family and even people I’ve never met has been great.

BBE: Worst part of not shaving?
The cost of all the hair products! Before all this I would just have a goatee and shaved head. Now with all this hair, there’s mustache wax, gel, mousse, relaxer, and so many different kinds of  shampoo and conditioner.

BBE: Do you think you fit the part of a reggae band’s frontman now?
If you go watch my 12 Days of Marlins Christmas you know the last thing I should be doing is singing.

BBE: When do you expect Fernandez to come back?
All reports I read is he will be back around the All-Star break. Knowing Jose he’s going to try and prove everyone wrong and beat that projection. I just want him back healthy. It doesn’t matter how long that takes.

BBE: What do you expect from the Marlins in 2015, and are they ready to contend?
The same thing I expect every year, a World Series! I think they are always ready to compete. Not everyone thinks so, but those underdogs always sneak up on you and give everyone a surprise. Ala 2003.

BBE: What’s something a regular fan wouldn’t know about you from just watching the MLB Network segment?
I’m just your typical person. I have hobbies outside of baseball like everyone else. I like comics, video games, working on my 1985 Trans AM, traveling, wrestling, and so much other stuff to list.

BBE: Would you consider yourself an insane fan, or just a very big one?
Just a big fan. Yes I do things that can be seen as insane, but I think any fan in any sport has done something a little bit insane. Getting a tattoo of your team winning a championship before the season even starts, naming your child after your favorite player, or sitting outside in below freezing temperature just to see your favorite team. The list goes on. The big thing is if its all for a team, player, or sport you like I don’t think its insane (as long as your safe and don’t put anybody in danger).

Want to see the original video of Andres shaving his head? Even if you said no to that question, here it is.

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