St. Louis Cardinals: Top 10 Prospects

2. Stephen Piscotty, 23

Prior to the Jason Heyward trade, Piscotty was likely headed to right field in Busch Stadium somewhere around the middle of the 2015 season. Now, his situation is completely up in the air. It appears that Piscotty will not make the Cardinals 25-man roster as the outfield should consist of Holliday, Jay, Heyward, Bourjos, and Grichuk, with Tommy Pham likely getting a long look. Piscotty will likely return to Memphis, which is not necessarily a bad thing after a rough 2014 season where he hit .288/.355/.406. Now, that may not sound that bad, and it really isn’t, but his numbers were down from the previous year. The 23-year old Stanford alum is not going to hit 25-30 home runs and may not get to 20 in a season, but he will get on base and not strike out. He appears to be the right-handed version of Matt Carpenter. To speed up his MLB debut, I would like him to learn first base, thus possibly making him a solid right-handed platoon for Matt Adams if he cannot figure out left-handed pitching. Piscotty would be starting for many major league teams and could become an All-Star caliber player, however there are still questions.

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