Hamels’ Asking Price Remains Unrealistic

Per Rob Bradford of WEEI.com, the Philadelphia Phillies remain “unrealistic in their expectations” regarding a return for ace Cole Hamels.

Hamels, 31, entered the off-season as one of the top trade targets around the league, and as of January 15th, he still is. With a 2.46 ERA and 198 strikeouts over the course of 204 2/3 innings, Hamels is one of the top arms in the league, and surely the Phillies would love to be compensated as so.

Coming off 73-89 season, the aging Phillies are headed for a rebuilding stage, and it started off with the trade of longtime starting shortstop Jimmy Rollins to the Los Angeles Dodgers. All signs seem to point to Hamels being the next big name moved off of a sinking ship.

But could their high standards actually be hurting them? Well, if Philadelphia doesn’t lower their expectations for a return, they could lose out on a potential deal (see: Cliff Lee).

Right now, Hamels’ value is at an all-time high, and if Ruben Amaro, Jr. doesn’t make a move quick, he could miss out on the right deal.

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  1. callisonfan

    I am really getting tired of hearing morons say the Phillies are asking “too much” for Hamels. As one of the top five pitchers in the major leagues, he should command three or more top prospects, at least one of whom is major league-ready. Those who want to lowball the Phils to get a great pitcher would probably stroll into a seafood shop and offer $1 for a lobster. Hey, GMs. If you haven’t got the stomach or the brains to offer what Hamels is worth, hit the road and watch him win and win and win for your competition.

    • Mr Claps

      You are definitely 100% right. However; prospects might not be the issue here. Clubs are requesting the Phillies to eat the last year option as part of the trade. That seems to be the deal breaker.


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