Power Rankings: Top 15 Second Basemen in ’15

7. Dee Gordon (Miami Marlins)

You don’t get a nickname like “Flash Gordon” without having some serious wheels. Dee Gordon has speed for days, and then some. He proved that by leading the league in stolen bases and triples in 2014 in his first year as a full-time starter.

Gordon was a highly thought of prospect a few years ago, and when he finally got his shot, he did not impress. He started out as a short stop and was called up and struggled mightily on defense on behind the plate. His transition to 2nd base in 2014 seems to have given him an entirely new lease on life.

In Dee’s first three years after his call up, he played in 181 games, and in 2014 he played 148 games. There are some crazy similarities and close-calls between the first three and his most recent campaign. In his first three years Dee racked up 81 runs, 159 hits, 2 HR, 34 RBI, 19 2B, and 66 SB. In 2014 Gordon finished with 92 runs, 176 hits, 2 HR, 34 RBI, 24 2B, and 64 SB. Pretty close right? The difference is that not only was Dee more consistent in 2014, but it also only took him one year to do what took him three years to do previously.

Dee was traded to the Miami Marlins, from the Dodgers, this offseason. I expect him to thrive amongst Giancarlo Stanton and company. He should see his second straight All-Star game.

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