Power Rankings: Top 15 Second Basemen in ’15

5. Brian Dozier (Minnesota Twins)

Brian Dozier looks like a 7+ year veteran, but he is still only 27 going into just his fourth year in the majors. He is ready to dominate this league and he can do it for a while.

Dozier finished tied for first in HR among second baseman with 23, and fifth in stolen bases with 21. He finished second in the league in runs with 112 (Mike Trout – 115). The University of Southern Miss alum was one of only 5 players to go 20-20 in 2014 (Carlos Gomez, Michael Brantley, Ian Desmond, and Todd Frazier)

Dozier’s ability to hit for average is the one down fall of his game. Through his first three years, he averages a very unimpressive .241 BA.

I expect to see Dozier’s BA go up this year, but no higher than .260. Due to the competition in the AL (specifically numbers 4-1 on this list) I do not see Brian Dozier making the trip to Cincinnati as an All-Star this year.

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