Power Rankings: Top 15 Second Basemen in ’15

We now come to the “ruffling the feathers” portion of this list, where I expect no one to be happy of the top four rankings. The top four second baseman are pretty easy to weed out in my eyes. Ranking the four of them? Not so easy. It took a good amount of time but here is what I came up with.

4. Dustin Pedroia (Boston Red Sox)

Dustin Pedroia has had a Hall of Fame career. Though I don’t see him as a player in his prime any more, I do still see a player that can outsmart pitching staffs and field better than anyone.

I could talk about how average Pedroia seemed in 2014 on offense, but instead I’ll talk about his defensive prowess. Dustin received his fourth Golden Glove and had the highest defensive WAR of his career. His dWAR of 2.5 was higher than the total WAR of a few players on this list.

The “Laser Show” Dustin Pedroia may never get back to the .430 SLG range, but with new teammates Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, he may not have to.

I see Pedroia making the All-Star team, only if any one player ranked 1-3 can not play the full season.

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