Power Rankings: Top 15 Second Basemen in ’15

3. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)

Jose Altuve had his breakout year in 2012 when he made his first All-Star appearance. In 2013, Altuve seemed to have slipped from people’s minds, so when Altuve played like a monster in 2014, no one knew what to think.

Here is my deciphering of this inconsistency problem. The inconsistency is over, and Altuve is ready to be a perennial All-Star and an MVP candidate if he leaves the Astros (sorry Astros’ fans.)

Altuve is a special kind of talent and is still only 24. If this was a ranking of the best second baseman in 5 years, Jose would be number 1 on the list.

I fully expect to see Jose Altuve in the All-Star game. However, since he will play for a non-contender, Altuve will just have to settle for being the MVP on thousands of fantasy teams.

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