Reds Sign Jason Marquis To Minor-League Deal

The Cincinnati Reds have signed right-handed pitcher Jason Marquis to a minor-league contract, the team announced. The deal includes an invitation to major-league spring training.

Marquis, 36, sat out the 2014 season in order to recover from Tommy John surgery. In parts of 14 seasons in the majors, Marquis has a record of 121-114 with a 4.56 ERA. He pitched for the San Diego Padres in 2013. The New York native has pitched for eight teams over those 14 years.

Marquis made the All-Star game in 2009 as a member of the Colorado Rockies. He got the All-Star nod thanks to a 15-13 record and a 4.04 ERA.

Marquis has a relationship with Reds General Manager Walt Jockety. Jockety was the general manager for the St. Louis Cardinals, who Marquis pitcher for from 2004-2006.

The top of the Reds rotation is set with Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey and Mike Leake. Marquis will be competing with Tony Cingrani, Raisel Iglesias, Anthony DeSclafani, Dylan Axelrod and David Holmberg for a spot in the Reds starting rotation.

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  1. Will Robinson

    Why is Daniel CORCINO no longer mentioned in the mix of possible SP’s for REDS ? He did well as a starter the last month of 2014 season…but is no longer mentioned as a possible 4th or 5th starter. Did he retire or get traded or put on waivers or something? Just wondering. Thanks.

  2. metalhead65

    just what the reds need! another over the hill washed up ex-cardinal, but we get the added bonus of him coming off Tommy John surgery to boot. will jocketty ever realize that these guys are ex-cards for a reason? let me help him since he does not seen to understand. they are available because they SUCK!!!!!!!!! stop giving these guys the ex-cardinal retirement package and give the young guys in the system a chance. stop with the ludwick and shumacker signings and give guys like Lutz and Rodriguez or better yet give winker a chance to come off the bench or start in left field instead of signing them and the bernidina’s of the world. they have the experience you love but how did they get it? they played! give your prospects a set role instead of sitting them on the bench then acting shocked when they strike out in their monthly pinch hitting role. meanwhile ludwick and skippy are batting .220-..230 with no chance of getting better. same thing with the pitchers in the system. I hated them bringing up holmberg and axlerod from triple A to get pounded in the one time starts they were brought up for. but then when they were forced to use them in a set role in Sept. they actually looked pretty decent. their reward for doing good? signing a has been like marquis. same thing with the relief pitchers they brought up. they finally gave jumbo a set role and he flourished, but they wasted contreas while bringing in hoover or ondrusek to blow games every night he sat for 2 weeks without pitching then again they act surprised when he is pounded and say he is not ready. he got hit his first game then when he got to pitch next went 3 scoreless innings against the cubs then followed that up a couple of days later with another solid 2 innings. his reward? did not pitch again for 2 weeks then was pounded and the reds can’t figure out why. the solutions to the reds problems may be on their roster but they do not seem inclined to go that route instead relying on walt’s beloved washed up ex-cardinals. I have family in St. Louis and first they laugh when they hear their guys are still even playing then offer sympathy for it having to be for my team.


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