Troy’s Top 10: Second Basemen

3. Ian Kinsler– Now here at number three we have the man that played the most games at the second base position last year with 160 games played. Kinsler is the player I was talking about earlier in the Pedroia reasoning. Yes Kinsler had seven more errors then Pedroia, but he also played in 25 more games. The 32-year old saved a total of 17 runs last season with his spectacular glove, and that is why I believe he should have one the Gold Glove Award in the American League. He also scored the second most runs for a second baseman with 100, and runs win you ball games. Kinsler also added a .275 average with an impressive 92 RBIs. I like Kinsler at three because he had an out standing season with the Detroit Tigers, but not as good as the next two guy.

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