2015 MLB Draft Watch: Alex Bregman

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Since his junior year at Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico’s own Alex Bregman has grabbed the baseball industry’s attention and hasn’t let go. In his junior year of high school, he batted .678 with 19 home runs, setting a New Mexico record for home runs in a single season. Bregman was injured for most of his senior year so he didn’t have a monster year. He was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft by the Boston Red Sox, but decided to go to LSU. Bregman has been given a chance to not only mature as a player, but also as a person. Freshman year, he batted .369 with 6 home runs, and was an All American and the College Freshman of The Year. Bregman Followed that up with an impressive sophomore year, hitting .316 and 6 home runs. Not only does he have a chance at being a top 15 selection in the 2015 draft, LSU is ranked a top ten team in college baseball.

Bregman is thought of as one of the best pure college hitters in this year’s draft. He is a plus hitter, who could bat between .280 and .290 consistently. If you watch video of Bregman’s at bats, you can see what some scouts have call an awkward or unconventional swing. He has a really short and quick load that makes his swing look a little odd. It has worked for him, so there’s no urgent sense in trying to fix it. Bregman has incredibly quick hands that allow him to drive the ball all over the field.

Defensively, he seems to be average to a little above average. In high school, Bregman was a catcher before moving to shortstop full-time at LSU. He does have a plus arm, which should allow him to play either second or shortstop. Bregman will make all of the easy plays and offers a good size range at shortstop. If he does move to second, he would be a plus defender at second.

Bregman, off the field, may be one of the hardest workers in baseball. It is said that after games he takes batting practice to get more swings in. He is very focused on baseball and being a leader for his team. I believe that a team that has a pick between the 10th and 20th, and wants a guy to advance through their system quickly, will jump at the chance of selecting Bregman. If you do need to move him from short to second, he’s the type of guy that will work his tail off to get better at that position. Hey may not be a franchise changing type player, but can be a team leader who is a proven winner.

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