The Fragile Relationship Between the Yankees and A-Rod

It has been made very public that the New York Yankees have all but ended their relationship with Alex Rodriguez. This fragile relationship did not just start this off-season. Ever since the Yankees traded for then star Rodriguez, it has been a tumultuous relationship.

News came out today that the Yankees are devising a plan to contest Rodriguez’s milestone home run clause in his contract. Sources confirmed to that New York are compiling legal arguments so Rodriguez will not be able to collect any of his bonuses he is owed for his “milestone home run” agreement he signed in 2007. The contract Alex signed in 2007 for 10 years, $275 million included $30 million in bonuses.

If Rodriguez hits six home runs he ties Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run list, he is eligible for a $6 million bonus. He would also collect $6 million if he ties Babe Ruth with 714 home runs, Hank Aaron with 755, Barry Bonds with 762 and besting Bonds to become the home run king.

So the fragile relationship continues. Rodriguez, coming off a year-long suspension and turning 40 years old mid-season, will come to spring training vying for the third base job. It became clear when the Yankees resigned Chase Headley that they have no plans to play Rodriguez at third base.

The circus will be back in New York for the 2105 season with all the Yankee-A-Rod drama. This relationship is unavoidable because of his massive contract the Yankees felt necessary to give him eight years ago.

Do you think they are regretting that contract now?

It’s been a tough marriage for the two and is far from fixable. The Yankees want nothing to do with Rodriguez.

His PED use, his lying and his covering up have been more then enough to put Rodriguez as one of the most hated players in New York history. There is no one more controversial and self-explosive then A-Rod. The once superstar is now seeing his baseball career come to an ugly end, his relationship with the organization he desperately wants to play for end and his legacy completely and utterly tarnished.

It has been one rocky road for former MVP. In 2004, the Yankees made one of the biggest (and panicky) moves in baseball history acquiring an MVP shortstop to play third base because Aaron Boone had to play a little basketball and tear his ACL.

Rodriguez was minutes away from becoming a hated Boston Red Sox before the Yankees thought it was necessary to acquire Rodriguez. Yankees fan can only wonder and wish what would happen if Rodriguez became a Red Sox.

Would they win any championships? Would all this drama around him be the same if he was a Red Sox? Would the Yankees have won more championships?

I guess hindsight is 20/20 but I am sure Yankee fans dream of a life without Alex Rodriguez and the circus and drama he brings. It is something the Yankees and their fans will have to ride out until the dreadful 10-year contract runs out in 2017, when Rodriguez will be 42-years-old. Who knows, maybe he will just take some more steroids and be banned for good. That’s probably just wishful thinking.

What isn’t wishful thinking is the fact that in 2015, Rodriguez will be a major distraction for a team that doesn’t need any. The Yankees have plenty of questions going into the upcoming season from health to Tanaka‘s elbow to replacing the legendary Derek Jeter but what will be asked most is about Alex Rodriguez. That is something both Alex and the Yankees do not need at this time.

If the Yankees organization cannot sit down and listen to Rodriguez’s fake apology and move on, this may be another long year for Alex, the Yankees and their fans.

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  1. Charles Tretola

    The “Home-run” clauses signed by Rodriguez in 2007 were offered by the Yankees as “incentives” for him to sign what was already an insane contract. Under MLB rules, such incentives cannot be included in the contract itself and thus “stand on their own”. The “incentives” served their purpose…Rodriguez signed the contract!

    I’m not an attorney, but I’ll bet the Yankees are stuck with these “incentive” agreements just as they are with the rest of this mess they created basically all on their own.


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