Top Ten Reasons The San Francisco Giants Are A Dynasty

#9: Coaching Staff

Again, it’s hard to designate one member of the staff as head and shoulders above the others. Dave Righetti, the team’s pitching coach, has been tremendous in preparing the staff over the years and specifically during the playoff rounds where the Giants have out pitched some great staffs. But how can we say that his impact on the staff is more valuable than bullpen coach Mark Gardner or bullpen catcher Bill Hayes?

What Henry “Bam Bam” Muelens has done as the hitting coach has been vastly underrated. What Roberto Kelly and Tim Flannery have done at 1st and 3rd base respectively, has been incredible. If you don’t think what they’ve done is valuable, go through the twitter response to Flannery announcing his retirement. And maybe the most influential part of the staff is bench coach Ron Wotus. Kelly and Wotus were in charge of the infield and outfield positioning. But Wotus was also the right hand man of Bruce Bochy. Bochy has said repeatedly how valuable his staff has been and how much responsibility he has given them. Wotus, for example, has been in charge of Spring Training camp for years now.

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