Top Ten Reasons The San Francisco Giants Are A Dynasty

#2. Bruce Bochy

Bochy will go down as the greatest manager in San Francisco history when he retires. Not because of what he may still do, but with what he has already done. Three championship rings is three more than any other manager. Bochy has always been known as a players manager, but what makes Bochy stand out among other managers in the game today is his ability to get the most out of the entire 25 man roster by playing all 25 guys on the team.

This isn’t commonplace around the league, as some guys may go weeks without seeing the field. For all the frustration fans may have with unproductive guys getting playing time, Bochy will always let a guy on his roster earn what he gets. The guys at the end of the bench or the guys at the end of the bullpen will play. They will play and if they perform, they will continue to play. If they don’t perform, they will eventually be replaced. Fans may want guys sent away sooner sometimes, but it is clear that there is a method to Bochy’s approach. He wants guys to know they were given a chance to succeed and that gets Bochy’s teams to play up to their potential.

Other managers have had more talent in each playoff run, but the 9 straight playoff series wins is not by accident. Being the underdog in nearly every series is because the other teams have usually had more talent on paper. However, winning each and every series is because of Bochy as much as nearly everyone in the organization.

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