Jayson Werth Pleads Guilty To Reckless Driving, Will Serve Jail Time

On Thursday, Washington Nationals’ superstar Jayson Werth pleaded guilty to reckless driving, resulting in jail time.

After driving 105 MPH in Fairfax County, Virginia in July, Werth was found guilty in December. According to the Washington Post, Werth faces a 30-day suspension of his license as well.

Also from the Washington Post: The Nationals released a statement.

“We are aware of the agreement reached today,” the statement reads. “It is clear that Jayson has taken this matter seriously and with great personal reflection. We do not condone reckless behavior, and we expect all members of the Washington Nationals organization to act in a responsible manner. We support Jayson, who is an integral part of the community and of the Washington Nationals family.”

Werth, 35, is still in the midst of his massive seven-year deal signed back before the 2011 season. At the time, the contract was criticized throughout baseball, but this offseason, baseball media gurus have made sure fans now know that Werth has lived up to his contract, and more.

Werth, in the past two seasons, has had a W.A.R of at least 4.5, so it seems Werth’s contract is paying off.

The Nationals also happen to be the favorites to win the National Least East, and are early favorites for the World Series, after signing Max Scherzer to add to their top of the line starting rotation.

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