The Missing link for the New York Mets: Everth Cabrera

We all know about the New York Mets. They have an All Star second baseman, a beautiful swinging first baseman, a veteran third baseman, a very promising starting rotation, Gold Glove Award winning outfielders, and an up and coming catcher. But what about the short stop position?

The former San Diego Padres short stop Everth Cabrera would be a steal for cheap general manager Sandy Alderson. There had been rumors of the Mets going after star Troy Tulowitzkibut if Alderson wants to keep it safe, he should go after Cabrera.

With the Padres, Cabrera hit .248 with 136 stolen bases. Let’s not forget Cabrera’s 2013 season where he hit .283 with 37 stolen bases. The 28-year old was non-tendered by the Padres back in December after spending last season on the disabled list on two separate occasions, and serving a 50 suspension in 2013 for violating Major League Baseball’s  performance-enhancing drug policy.

Now, it may seem like Cabrera is nothing but trouble, but he is a better option then Wilmer Flores. In two years, Flores hit .240 in 105 games in the big leagues. His on base percentage is a pitiful .275, while Cabrera’s on base is .319 in his career. They both are bad defensively. Cabrera has a career .967 fielding percentage at short and Flores has a .979 at short. Flores is 23-years old, so you could say he has time to improve, but it seems Alderson wants to win. If that is the case, the safe bet here is to sign Cabrera where he can hit second in the lineup behind Juan Lagaresand be a serious speed threat on the bases, that can give guys like Lucas Duda and David Wright the opportunity to hit him in.

My advice to Mr. Alderson is to go out and sign Cabrera to a one-year deal maybe worth $3.5 million to where its a low risk-high reward situation and fans can finally be satisfied with their Mets. If Cabrera was a Met, I think the sky would be the limit for a team that hasn’t seen the postseason since 2006.

Think I’m wrong? Comment and give me your thoughts on if the Mets need Carbera.

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  1. Ragaller

    I Love the idea of signing Cabrera. My only question is will he be cleared to play by opening day? Doesn’t he have a court date for smoking pot and a DUI? I still agree if he is able to play this year, he would be a tremendous upgrade over Flores. Thoughts on the availability of him in April with the court case still in limbo?

    • Tom Furey

      Upgrade? How? He isn’t even marginally better than Flores, see above.

  2. Glenn

    Before you start dissing on Flores’ offensive skills – keep in mind that in 162 games at Triple-A, he has batted .320 with 28 HR and 140 RBI. He will significantly outperform Cabrera offensively with steady playing time – it is his defense that is the concern.

  3. Curt Alliaume

    So he was suspended once for the Biogenesis scandal and was dumped by the Padres after a marijuana DUI and resisting arrest, which has yet to go to trial. His one year over .703 OPS was the Biogenesis year, and he doesn’t appear to be a significant upgrade over Flores in the field. And the Mets should spend $3.5 million on him why?


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