Milwaukee Brewers: Top 10 Prospects

5. Kodi Medeiros

The Brewers made Medeiros the 12th overall pick this past draft. He has a pretty small frame, standing at 6’2’’ 180 lbs., but he gets a lot out of it. At the draft, Jonathan Mayo noted that the Brewers were flat-out blown away by his pre-draft work out, and seemingly for pretty good reason.

In that same work out, Mayo noted that Medeiros hit 97 MPH. That may have been some pre-draft endorphins, as both before the draft, and after he started his pro career, reports generally have him sitting in the low 90’s with his fastball, touching 95 MPH. He also possesses a changeup and slider. The slider is noted by most to be an absolute wipeout pitch, in part to his detriment, as he has some issues keeping it in the strike zone. Despite some command issues, the arsenal of the Hawaiian born lefty is mostly dependent on movement. He gets large praise across the board for how much run he can get out of all of his weapons. His motion is very Chris Sale like. He comes across his body at a low three-quarters slot at uses his entire small frame to whip his arm around. This is likely a big contributor to the amount of movement Medeiros can get on his pitches.

Medeiros had an interesting debut statistically. He threw 17.2 innings for the AZL Brewers. Less than half of his 9 appearances (4 to be exact) came as a starter. On the up side, Medeiros did manage to strikeout an astounding 26 hitters in his 17.2 innings. That translates to 13.25 K/9 or a 28% K rate. Clearly, that is fantastic, but of course, with the good comes the bad. Medeiros had a pretty big walk issue in his debut. He racked up 13 walks, good for a 6.62 BB/9 spot. The walks, coupled with 24 hits against him pushed his WHIP to 2.09. His ERA was an alarming 7.13, but his FIP (most likely due to the strikeouts) was a little more manageable at 4.94.

I’d anticipate the Brewers moving slow with Medeiros. He may get a shot at opening up with Rookie level Helena. There have been some questions as to his chances of sticking as a starter, so his timeline and overall development will likely hinge on his ultimate role.

ETA: 2019

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