Milwaukee Brewers: Top 10 Prospects

9. Taylor Jungmann

The first of the Brewers’ two first round picks in 2011, Jungmann has taken a somewhat methodical journey through the Brewers’ system. After what seems to have been a long wait, the former Texas Longhorn may have taken enough steps to realize his potential and make an impact in Milwaukee.

Jungmann is big to say the least. The righty stands at 6’6’’ and weighs in at 222 lbs.. He comes with a 3 pitch mix, a fastball, slider, and change-up. The fastball is more of a sinker, and has actually lost a little bit of what got him drafted so high. He doesn’t really stray from the low 90’s with it. Jungmann’s slider is probably a major league average pitch right now, but it is likely close to its peak as far as development. The change-up is a little behind the other two pitches, but has a chance to be a major league offering as well. His delivery is pretty clean and repeatable for the most part. The issue is his arm action. When he is delivering the ball, there is a lot of violent whip like action to his arm. This helps with velocity, but can also lead to both control issues, as well as potential injury issues.

Jungmann has thrown 130 or more innings every year since being drafted. The results of those innings have been somewhat mixed so far. He has gone anywhere from 5.30 K/9 in 2013 to topping out at 8.94 K/9 last year in Triple A. Interestingly enough, Jungmann’s FIP has consistently been higher than his ERA, with the highest disparity coming last year, having an ERA of 3.98 with a FIP of 4.32 (.34 difference). The area that Jungmann has been consistent in has been a big plus, and partially saved his prospect status. Jungmann has yet to allow more than 1 HR/9 in his professional career. The closest he has ever gotten to eclipsing 1 HR/9 was in 2013 at Double A with a .71 HR/9 mark. This is likely due to the fact that he has relied pretty heavily on his sinker.

The final product on Jungmann is not likely what the Brewers anticipated or saw when they first drafted him 12th overall. But he does have a shot to provide some value to the Brewers. The best case scenario for Jungmann is likely a #3 starter, but he will likely fit better in the back of a rotation. He is on the 40 man roster, and may get a shot at the 5th starter spot out of spring training, but he will probably open the season in Triple A. Jungmann may be one of the first called up if a spot in the big league rotation is vacated for some reason.

ETA: 2015

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