Power Rankings: Top Fifteen 3rd Basemen in ’15

  1. Anthony Rendon (Washington Nationals)

If I didn’t already know who Anthony Rendon was, I would think that he is a top-tier veteran. He is a disciplined hitter who doesn’t lose his aggressiveness at the plate. He is a good baserunner that will probably max out at around 20 and a well above average defender.

The fact that Rendon is on a great team helps his case as the top 3rd baseman, but he’s not there yet. Due to being backed up by players like Ian Desmond and Jayson Werth, mixed with his advanced base running, Rendon led the NL in runs this year.

With Josh Donaldson moving to a new team, and Adrian Beltre’s advancing age, Rendon has an opportunity to become the top 3rd baseman in the MLB. He ranked 3rd in WAR, oWAR, and dWAR among 3rd baseman, this year he’s got a chance to be first.

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