Power Rankings: Top Fifteen 3rd Basemen in ’15

  1. Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh Pirates)

I was surprised to find out that some people are actually ranking Josh Harrison higher than I did. While I am immensely happy for him and his success, the top four on this list are still the top four.

Josh Harrison is a true utility player, with the makings of an All-Star hitter. Over his four-year career, he has played every position on the diamond except for catcher and 1st base (yes that includes DH and pitcher). Harrison seems to have found a home at third base. If I had said that a year ago I would have been called a crazy person. In the 2013 season, Pedro Alvarez hit 36 HR and 100 RBI as the Pirate’s 3rd baseman. But after a career of struggling at the position, including over 25 errors the last three years, and a down year in 2014, Pedro Alvarez will have to try to make it as a 1st baseman.

Now that I’ve said my piece on why I love Josh Harrison, let’s talk about what I don’t love. His “whiff-ability” at the plate is not glaring, but it is there. His 81 strikes to only 22 walks is the biggest reason he is not higher on this list.

Lucky for him, he’s got a great manager, an MVP who led the league in OBP, and a team full of veterans willing to help him become disciplined. 

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