Power Rankings: Top Fifteen 3rd Basemen in ’15

  1. Todd Frazier (Cincinnati Reds)

Todd Frazier was the most productive Red’s hitter this year, plain and simple. And, I would still argue that he is underrated in each one of the five phases. He has great size, with solid power and underrated running ability. His 20-20 year this year may not be a yearly occurrence, but that does not make his 2014 campaign a fluke.

Frazier’s ability to hit the ball to the right side of the field is a trait that is hard to find in someone his age. And his line drive percentage raising from 18.1% (2013) to 21.7% (2014) says to me that his .273 BA should jump up in 2015.

The Todd Father is an above average fielder with an average arm and great accuracy to make up for it. In my mind, he is right where he should be right now ranked 3rd on this list. I don’t see him moving up next year, but this spot should stay his.

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