A Manager And His Son: The Non-Roster Invitee

As the list of Non-Roster Invitees was reported Monday, a name was among the right-handed pitchers that Giants fans are very familiar with. Bochy. That would be Brett Bochy, manager Bruce Bochy‘s son. Fans know Brett from his call-up in September last season. Most fans had heard that Bochy’s son was pitching well in Triple-A Fresno last season, and was hoping to hear him among the call-ups.

Bochy has been with the club in Spring Training before, and back in 2013, Bruce had to tell his son he was among the guys cut and sent back to the minors. Bruce decided to tell him over dinner instead of letting him find out like most players would in the manger’s office. Bochy joked at the time that he might bring in his son the next day just to make him feel better.

So, on September 1st last season, fans were excited to see Brett get his chance with the major league club. He had finished 4-4 with a 3.83 in 35 appearances for Fresno, with all but two in relief. He had accumulated 47 strikeouts in 54 innings. This wasn’t a call-up just for sentimental reasons. This was a call-up because he was a strike thrower who deserved a chance to perform on the biggest stage.

So, on September 13th, when the Giants needed a strike thrower, they called on Brett. Unfortunately, the reason was the bases were loaded and the score was already 14-0. That being said, it was still a special moment in Giants history as Bruce handed the ball to Brett.

“It’s a little emotional, but at the same time, when he came out there, I said ‘I’m sorry to put you in this situation,'” Bruce Bochy said. “You’re making your debut in the Major Leagues, and here you’ve got the bases loaded and a good hitter up there; he’s a tough kid and he can handle it.”

This would be the seventh time in Major League history that a son played for his father, the most recent of which was also with the Giants when Moises Alou signed on to play for his father Felipe again in 2005 and 2006.

This would be the 1st time, however, that the player was a pitcher. The historic moment was short-lived however, as on November 3rd, Brett was outrighted back to the minor leagues. Brett will be a long shot to make the club out of camp again this season. As any non-roster invitee, the team would have to remove someone from their 40 man roster to make room for him on the club.

The Giants have made room for several non-roster invitees in recent seasons with Juan Gutierrez and Brandon Hicks making the club last season, Chad Gaudin and Guillermo Quiroz in 2013, Gregor Blanco in 2012, and Brandon Belt and Guillermo Mota in 2011.

So, while the chances of Brett making the 2015 25 man roster may be slim, the fact that he is getting another chance is worth it for all Giants fans. Not because of the great story it creates between a father and his son, but because he may help the Giants win games.

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