Chicago’s Biggest Fan: Chance The Rapper

When you think about Jay-Z, the billion dollar rapper, you think of New York…And Beyoncé. And Elevators. Ok, so maybe you don’t only put yourself in an Empire State Of Mind, but Jay-Z represents New York, and is thought of with a Yankees hat most of the time. The Yankees brand and Jay-Z go hand in hand. Not to suggest the Yankees wouldn’t be as rich without Jay-Z reppin their brand, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when kids grow up looking up to their favorite rapper, and seeing a Yankees hat.

Enter Chicago. Chance The Rapper has blown up in the past year since releasing “Acid Rap” in 2013. As a 21-year old, Chancelor Bennett, from Chatham, is reaching back into the community. Just this week, Chance is sponsoring an open mike night for high school kids to give a platform to anyone.

This just a month or two after winning receiving “Chicago’s Outstanding Youth Of The Year” award, in which he called it the most important award he’ll ever win. As fans impatiently wait for Chance’s newest album with The Social Experiment, “Surf,” to drop, it’s fun to imagine a renaissance of a city and baseball team.

After throwing out a pitch at a Chicago White Sox game, and doing something positive on social media with his #SAVECHICAGO campaign, in which no homicides were reported in over 40 hours, it’s easy to see Chance’s influences being positive ones in his city.

The rapper headlined Lollapalooza last summer, and stole the show after bringing up R. Kelly to the stage. And just as Chicago has seen a cultural and art uprise, the White Sox have seen the same. Just this offseason, the White Sox have added Melky Cabrera, Jeff Samardzija, Zach Duke, David Robertson, Adam LaRoche, and Emilio Bonifacio.

It’s been an exciting offseason for the White Sox, and a monumental year for Chance The Rapper and his band, The Social Experiment. He likes to wear White Sox hats, so hopefully as he continues to grow, his White Sox will too, as he looks to represent a more positive view of the South Side of Chicago. One where love is promoted, and rap isn’t just guns and drugs, but love, art, and poetry.

2015 will be a big year for Chance and his band, as they are prepping their release of the highly anticipated album, “Surf.” The question will be whether the White Sox will have success worthy of Chance wearing the hat.

Ask Chance what he thinks of the team’s chances this season.

Maybe in a few years, when people think of The White Sox, they think of Chance, and vice versa.



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