Pacific’s Best: Gio Brusa

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Slowly, we are inching closer and closer to the MLB first player Draft and the draft board may see a huge shift. It looks that prep players, mostly the prep bats, will push up the draft board. The top of the draft board was originally projected to be filled with college arms and bats. Now that the season is going to begin, there’s a chance we will see prep bats shoot up to around 8-15. The Phillies (10), Cubs (9) and Reds (11) are teams that will most likely go with a prep player. This year’s prep players consist of very athletic guys who don’t look to be huge impact players, but more solid everyday players. Players like Trenton Clark and Nick Plummer look to develop into everyday starting outfielders. It’s going to be very exciting as we see the draft take shape, with many more changes to come.

California is one of the greatest states. Warm weather, beautiful girls, and most importantly, year round baseball. At University of the Pacific, the combination of all these three are joined along with one of the top draft prospects of 2015. Gio Brusa has created quite a buzz at Pacific after a dominate summer. At the Cape Cod league, he absolutely raked, hitting .322 and hit 6 homers. This year, he looks to be the first player ever taken in the late first early second round of the draft out of University of the Pacific.

In 2012, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 37th round. His draft value fell when he told the Red Sox that he would not sign with them if they took him in the 5th round.

“It’s the best decision that I have ever made”, Brusa says of not turning pro. Brusa was headed to Pacific, where he is considered to be one of the best baseball talents that Pacific has seen.

He has batted .257 with seven home runs in 103 games. The tools to be a great player are all there, it is just a matter of Brusa putting them all together for a monster junior year.

Brusa’s best tool is his power. It hasn’t played into his game yet, but when he advances to pro ball, he has a chance to hit 17-20 home runs a year. He is a switch hitter who has a slight uppercut swing. Brusa is better from the left side, where his swing is more fluid and will do the most damage. If he levels out his swing a little more, there is a chance that he will have plus hit ability. Brusa is very athletic, which will help him both offensively and defensively. In the field, he’s about an average fielder who will probably move to a corner outfield position. Right field looks like his future home due to a powerful arm. Overall, look for Brusa to be a Nick Markakis type player. Not a player who is a super star, but a great complement to a team.

When speaking to Brusa, one can tell right from the start that he will make an excellent professional player. You can tell that this kid is definitely something special just on how he talked about his team. He didn’t want to talk about himself and was very excited to discuss how the Pacific Tigers are going to look for the 2015 season. His answers were professional and well thought through, making for an excellent on and off the field player. It was interesting to talk to him about how religion affects him on the field. I thought it was very cool to talk to a player who is very into religion. Players like Mark Appel and Josh Hamilton are very religious. This has helped them through their tough times throughout their careers. I would like to wish the Pacific Tigers the best of luck in 2015, and best of luck to Gio Brusa in the 2015 draft.

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