Downside To Each Team’s Biggest Free Agent Signing: National League

Every team tries to make big moves each offseason with the hopes for improving their odds at winning a World Series title but not all of these free agents that are brought in wind up working out with their new teams.  Yesterday, a close up look at what can go wrong with each American League team’s biggest signing and today the focus is on the National League.

Atlanta Braves: Nick Markakis
The Braves traded away Jason Heyward this offseason for pitching help but signed veteran outfielder Nick Markakis to a four-year deal to help make up for the loss.  Markakis spent nine years in Baltimore and he has always a productive hitter but he might not be able to produce runs at the rate Braves fans would like.  A career .290 hitter, Markakis’ average drops more than 30 points with runners in scoring position.  Atlanta was 29th in runs scored last season and if Markakis struggles to bring runners home, then their biggest offseason signing isn’t helping them in an area of clear need.

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