Downside To Each Team’s Biggest Free Agent Signing: National League

Colorado Rockies: Kyle Kendrick
The Rockies had the worst ERA in baseball last season so adding a capable arm like Kendrick to the group will help out the staff right away, there is no way to say this is a bad signing. But as the season drags on, Kendrick has been known to struggle in the middle months of the year which could slide Colorado out of the playoff hunt should they find themselves in striking distance of a wild card spot a month or two into the season.  Over the last three seasons, he has a sub-four ERA in both April and May but that balloons to above five in both June and July before falling back down at towards the end of the season. The Rockies, like any team, would love to stick around and play meaningful baseball as long as they can and having strong pitching in the middle months of the season would be a key factor in doing so.

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