Downside To Each Team’s Biggest Free Agent Signing: National League

Los Angeles Dodgers: Brandon McCarthy
McCarthy was one of the best pitchers in baseball after being traded from Arizona to the Yankees in the middle of last season.  With New York, he was 7-3 with a 2.89 ERA. This compares to 3-10 mark with the Diamondbacks and an ERA on the wrong side of five.  His time with Arizona in 2013 wasn’t that successful either as he pitched to a 5-11 record, meaning his time in the NL West was always round; now he’s back. McCarthy has a 4.49 career ERA at Chase Field, 4.46 career ERA at Dodgers Stadium and a 7.50 career ERA at Coors Field meaning he has not been that good at most of the stadiums in his own division, including his new home. If he can’t pitch against the teams on the schedule most often, it might be a long year for him.

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