Downside To Each Team’s Biggest Free Agent Signing: National League

New York Mets: Michael Cuddyer
A possible red flag with this move is almost exactly like the issue with Morse, but a new ballpark might actually be an even bigger issue for Cuddyer with the Mets as his sample size in Colorado was much bigger than Morse in San Francisco. Cuddyer had a successful career with the Twins, hitting .272 with 141 home runs over 11 seasons, including a number of division titles; he then exploded with the Rockies beginning in 2012 which included a batting title in 2013.  He batted .329 at Coors Field over the past three seasons, 43 points above his average at all other parks over that span. Because Cuddyer has stuck around the league so long, there is no doubt he can produce in this league but if Mets fans are expecting the man who has hit above .330 in each of the past two seasons, they might be in for a bit of a surprise.

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