Downside To Each Team’s Biggest Free Agent Signing: National League

Washington Nationals: Max Scherzer
The Nationals may have shocked some people when they won the Max Scherzer sweepstakes and there is a lot that could go wrong with this deal, especially when you look at the list of pitchers with $100 million contracts.  Of course every pitcher on that list is very talented – they earned the big pay-day – but they historically drop off after they sign the deal. Ask a Giants fan how well the Barry Zito contract worked out, a Yankees fan how paying Kevin Brown worked out for the team or a Rockies fan how bringing in Mike Hampton was for the team. And to think that this is a list of players with $100 million deals; Scherzer is making twice that. Washington is easily a World Series contender right now and this deal only ensured that as a fact, but there is a monster risk to doing this.

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