Grading The Chicago White Sox Offseason

David Robertson (Closer) Four-year, $46 million.

Just hours after news broke about the Samardzija trade, Hahn got his closer in the way of the former Yankees reliever. The absence of Reed proved to be a costly one last year. The bullpen blew seven leads going into the last frame in 2014, with five resulting in loses. As a team, the Sox blew 21 total saves. Conversely, Robertson went 39 for 44 with a nice 3.08 ERA.

The closer’s K/9 rate was a whopping 13.43 in his first year as a full-time closer, which equates to 96 strike outs in 64.1 innings. Robertson possess two dangerous strikeout pitches and has kept the ball in the park pretty well for pitching at Yankees stadium.

Although the contract may have been portion too rich, prime relief pitching doesn’t come cheap, especially top of the line closers.

Grade: B

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