Five Developing Stories to Watch for Baltimore Orioles

The four greatest words in the English language are open for debate, but I would like to throw my own nomination into the running.

“Pitchers and catchers report.”

The Orioles will kick off Spring Training this Thursday when pitchers and catchers report to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. The Orioles will be looking to pick up where the left off last season, a season in which they far exceeded expectations and came up just short of reaching the World Series. The Orioles will not sneak up on anyone this season, and hopes are high in Charm City for another playoff season. I believe the Orioles are positioned well to maintain a stranglehold on the AL East again this season.

Here are the five stories I will be keeping an eye on as the Orioles prepare to defend their division crown for the first time since 1998.

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  1. Chris Evans

    I don’t understand why giving Markakis 4 years would be wrong even if he plays only 2 or 3 years. It’s only money and there’s no salary cap. Angelos certainly has enough to pay a Yankees payroll. There is no reason the O’s have to live within a budget. We lost the heart and soul of this team. A Gold Glove and community leader. Essentially non replaceable.


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