New York Mets Vs. Yankees: Position By Position

The question going into the 2015 season around New York is which team is going to have the better season. Is it the young Mets who every year seem to have higher expectations but fail to reach them? Or is it the old Yankees who everyone is doubting because of their track record of injuries. So, let’s go position by position to see which team will run New York this summer.


Brian McCann versus Travis d’Arnaud

McCann signed a big 5-year, $85 million contract with the Yankees last offseason. His first full year with the bombers was a major disappointment for McCann who hit .232/.286/.406. After an atrocious first half, McCann did come on a little in the second half and finished the year with 23 home runs. The Yankees will need him to produced much more and play to the back of his baseball card if they have any chance of competing this year. d’Arnaud has the upside McCann no longer has, though he hit just .242 in his first full season in the big leagues.

Edge: Yankees. McCann brings more behind the plate then d’Arnaud and I expect a better offensive season out of the Yankees backstop.

First Base:

Mark Teixeira versus Lucas Duda

If you live around New York or follow the Yankees, you know Teixeira’s story. He is 35 and his numbers have declined ever since he became a Yankee. Duda had a breakout season for the Mets last year, hitting a career high 30 home runs. Though Duda still cannot hit lefties, he is a better bet at the plate then Teixeira is for 2015.

Edge: Mets. Teixeira’s age and recent injury history leaves reason for concern for the Yankees while Duda is still growing as a hitter though I do not expect him to hit 30 home runs again.

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