New York Mets Vs. Yankees: Position By Position

Right Field:

Carlos Beltran versus Michael Cuddyer

Beltran and Cuddyer headline the battle of old, sort-of broken down right fielders in New York. Beltran played 109 games while hitting .233/.301/.402 in his first season after signing a 3-year deal with the Yankees. Beltran will be 38 next season, but says he is healthy and ready to perform. The Mets signed Cuddyer to a two-year, $21 million contract this offseason while surrendering a first-round draft pick. Cuddyer played great for the Rockies the past two seasons even though he played only 49 games last year.

Edge: Yankees. If I had to pick one of these guys to have a comeback season of sorts I would choose Beltran but it will be interesting to see which of them can stay healthy.

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