A Chance At Redemption for A-Rod

Eleven years ago today, the New York Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez. After an offseason filled with rumors of the superstar shortstop heading to the rival Boston Red Sox for Manny Ramirez, the Bronx Bombers swooped in and acquired A-Rod to form a Miami Heat like super tandem with Derek Jeter.

Fast forward to present day, A-Rod is still on the Yankees, but has become somewhat of a pariah in New York. The three time MVP admitted to using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) in October of 2014 while he was in the midst of serving a one-year suspension from baseball.

The Yankees and Rodriguez have had a rocky relationship over the past couple of seasons and for good reason. The Yankees have been seen as the high point of MLB franchises for so many years, a world class organization that expects class on and off the field from their players. Rodriguez betrayed that trust with the whole PED scandal and ultimately the year long suspension.

Rodriguez has a chance for redemption after holding a 90 minute meeting this past week with the Yankees brass to set things right and on what the future holds for his career as a Yankee.

He is to address the media before pitchers and catchers, which is this Friday. The Yankees have offered Yankees Stadium as a potential location for this press conference but location and time still have yet to be set.

The Yankees still owe A-Rod a total of $61 million over the next three seasons and also a bonus of $30 million if he reaches separate home run bonuses starting with tying Willie Mays who has 660 home runs, Rodriguez has 654. The Yankees are looking to dispute that bonus.

A-Rod, who is entering his 20th MLB season in 2015, is projected to see time in the Yankees lineup as a designated hitter. Third baseman Chase Headley was re-signed by the Yankees this past offseason.

Rodriguez’ career may always be tarnished. He was seen as one of the best hitters of all-time before the scandal came out. An apology to set things right and clear the air is a step in the right direction.

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