Betting The Over/Under Of Each American League Team

Chicago White Sox (82) – Under
There is so much to like about what the White Sox did this off season but it might not be enough to push them above the .500-mark with this roster, they still have a number of holes.  This number will be much easier to reach should Chicago find them self in a playoff race at the trade deadline and they pull the trigger as buyers and make a move to instantly better the roster.

Cleveland Indians (81) – Over
This one might be one of the tougher ones to pick because of how close the Indians can finish to 81 wins this season.  Overall, Cleveland has a slightly above average offense and a slightly above average pitching staff which will make this tight.  Cleveland signed Gavin Floyd this off season to a low risk/high reward deal and if that pays off for them there is no doubt that this team will be fighting not just for a playoff spot, but a division title.

Detroit Tigers (86.5) – Over
This team can score at will and their only major loss on offense was Torii Hunter but he was replaced easily when the team traded for Yoenis Cespedes this winter, which actually might be an upgrade from the 39-year old Hunter.  Pitching is the only concern after they lost Max Scherzer in free agency and had to trade Rick Porcello in order to get Cespedes.  Having David Price for a full season helps offset that, which is why Detroit will still be one of the best teams in the American League.

Kansas City Royals (83) – Over
When you see that the team lost Billy Butler and James Shields in free agency, people start to panic a bit because those were arguably the two biggest names on the roster.  But Kansas City will once again feature one of the deepest rosters in the American League after they signed starters Kris Medlen and Edinson Voleuez to help make up for the loss of Shields and on offense they added Alex Rios and Kendrys Morales.  There is no reason why the Royals shouldn’t be able to challenge the Tigers for the top spot in the division.

Minnesota Twins (68.5) – Over
This team is easily to worst in the division but they won 70 games for the first time in four years in 2014 and they look a little better after getting much needed starting pitching help with Ervin Santana and boosting the offense a tad as well by bringing back Torii Hunter.  75 wins might be a stretch for the Twins but it’s still smart to go with the over.

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