Betting The Over/Under Of Each American League Team

Houston Astros (73.5) – Under
They added some nice pieces in Colby Rasmus and Jed Lowrie this off-season but neither of those two players can turn around what is possibly the worst team in baseball. The Astros had a bottom five pitching staff last season and unlike other American League bottom feeders such as the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins, the offense wasn’t much better.

Los Angeles Angels of Anehiem (87.5) – Over
The Angels are given the highest over/under in the American League and for good reason too. They are easily the best team in the league on paper and it’s impossible to see no AL teams reach the 90 win mark and since they are the best equipped to do so you should bet on them to hit 90 wins, possibly flirt with triple digits.

Oakland Athletics (82.5) – Under
To be completely honest, the Athletics might wind up being the best team in baseball this year but it wouldn’t be a shocker if they won 60 games either.  Most of their starting lineup is build on boom-or-bust guys and Ike Davis is the center piece of that. In 2012, Davis hit 32 home runs for the Mets and drove in 90 runs but over the past two years he’s hitting .220 with just 20 homers and 84 runs batted in. The potential is all there for Oakland but they just need to see how the season goes. Major toss up.

Seattle Mariners (85) – Over
The Rangers and Astros can provide easy wins in this division and Oakland is a toss up so even with the mighty Angels in the AL West, Seattle is loaded to flirt with 90 wins as well.  85 wins would actually be a step back for Seattle, who turned heads by finishing last year at 87-75. They did this behind a 3.17 ERA, which was second in all of baseball. Now they’ve given Robinson Cano support in the lineup by adding Nelson Cruz, who blasted 40 homers for Baltimore last season.

Texas Rangers (76.5) – Under
The Rangers roster looks not much different from the team that won just 67 games last season. They  might only avoid last place because they are in the same division with the Astros. On paper, they look to be in a three way race with the Astros and Twins to finish with the worst record in the American League.


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