Power Rankings: Top 15 Shortstops in ’15

1. Troy Tulowitzki (Colorado Rockies)

I hope that you weren’t expecting to see anyone else’s name here. Much like 2B, OF, and SP the top player at this position cannot truly be disputed. The only argument against Tulowitzki is that he has only player 264 games over the last three years. This is a valid argument, but I am not a doctor. And even if I was, I am not a fortune-teller. You could tell me that Troy Tulowitzki will play 160 games, 100, or 40 games this year, and if you were right it would still only be a coincidence.

So now that were past that, let’s talk about the 2014 season of the Rockies favorite shortstop. Troy Tulowitzki was, no doubt, the NL MVP leading up the All-Star break. He led all NL shortstops in R, H, HR, BB, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, oWAR, and WAR.

I look forward to watching Tulo, he is one of those types of players. His production would only be limited by injury in 2015. But I’m already writing his name down on my All-Star ballot.


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