Power Rankings: Top 15 Shortstops in ’15

  1. Starlin Castro (Chicago Cubs)

It’s now or never for Starlin Castro in Chicago. With Addison Russell chasing his tail, it’s time for Castro to step it up. In my ranking system out of 50, that includes all essential needs to the player in question’s position, Castro received a 25. You can’t exactly get more average than that. Russell is a better hitter, fielder, base-runner, and has better intangibles. Castro is only beating him in power. The way I see it, Castro needs to take his best year, and just about double it.

Castro may be the worst defender on this list, but is still an above-average hitter with a chance to break 80 RBI if the Cub’s lineup gets on base. Castro is probably nearing the end of his time in Wrigleyville, but with the lack of all-star shortstops, Castro can still make himself some money with a good year.


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