Power Rankings: Top 15 Shortstops in ’15

  1. Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers)

Elvis Andrus may only be 26, but he has quickly become a veteran in this league. He may not have made quite the impact he would have liked to, but his “sacrifices” are necessary to his Texas Rangers.

Andrus has only played six years in the big leagues, and he is already the leader in sacrifice hits among all active players. To me, the biggest fault in Elvis’ game is his lack of extra base-hits. Part of this is due to his inability to get the ball up in the air. He has the highest ground ball percentage of anyone on this list and the lowest fly ball percentage (his line drives are middle of the pack). Andrus has good size at 6’0 200 pounds, so the “Jose Altuve excuse” won’t work here (by the way, Altuve has at least 220 total bases each of his last three years, Andrus has only gone over that mark once in his six seasons).

I don’t mean to bag on Andrus because I do think he is a talented player. All he needs is some coaching and a different approach at the plate (as well as a possible change of scenery). The strike outs may go up, but so will his XBH, RBI, 2B, H, and HR.

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