Power Rankings: Top 15 Shortstops in ’15

  1. Jimmy Rollins (Los Angeles Dodgers)

I know that there will be people who follow my articles that will say, “If Jimmy Rollins is your 7th SS, how is Utley not a top 10 2B?” A fair question. Honestly, it has nothing to do with either player’s individual performance, both men had great years and continue to transcend age. It has to do with the position, short stop is a weak position right now, and 2nd base is very strong.

We will see how Rollins fits in, in a new city after playing in Philly for each of his first 15 years in the bigs. Rollins clearly had it last year. 2014 saw one of Jimmy’s best offensive seasons since 2009 and maybe his best defensive year over that span.

I think that the California native will be just fine in his home state. His production will be the same, his stats will depend on his role on the team which is yet to be determined. A good short-term pick up for the Dodgers, and possibly another ring for Rollins.


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