Betting the Over/Under of Each National League Team

Spring Training is right around the corner and baseball fans everywhere are excited for the thought of the sport returning.

Right now, teams have expectations on how good or bad they will do in 2015, and they only way to settle that is by playing out the season. That doesn’t stop odds makers from trying to make a guess on how every team will do.

Here is an in-depth look at the over/under mark set for each National League team and the smart bet to make when looking at the number.  This is following yesterday’s in-depth look at the over/under makers for each American League team.

Atlanta Braves (73.5) – Under
The Braves pitching staff took a beating this offseason as they lost Ervin Santana, Kris Melden, Aaron Harang and Gavin Floyd all in free agency. They had to trade for Shelby Miller just to get much needed help in their starting rotation but it came at a heavy cost for Atlanta and they lost Jason Heyward. The Braves were 29th in runs scored last season and now without a player like Heyward in the order, the team could really be in trouble and a questionable starting pitching staff might make Atlanta fall towards the bottom of the National League.

Philadelphia Phillies (67) – Under
This is the lowest over/under total handed out to a team and with the roster they have now, the ability is there for the Phillies to win around 70 games. This issue is that it is highly likely that some of their better players get moved for prospects via trade at some point and the roster at the Major League level is left dried out and struggling to win games.

Miami Marlins (81.5) – Under
They finished last year in the bottom half of the league in both runs scored and runs allowed and I don’t think any of their upgrades will swing them above the .500 mark just yet even if they are on the right path.  The health of Mat Latos will go a long way in determining how good the Marlins really will be this season.  81.5 is a very tough call on the over under. No matter what, it will be very close.

New York Mets (81) – Over
New York finished last season with 79 wins and that was with team captain and offensive centerpiece David Wright having the worst year of his career. A bounce back year from Wright changes instantly makes the offense better and there were so many things to like about the team picking up Michael Cuddyer in free agency. This is also a playoff caliber pitching rotation, which will place the Mets ahead of the Marlins when it comes to finishing second behind Washington in 2015.

Washington Nationals (93) – Over
The Nationals are the best team in the National League on paper and they were awarded with the highest over/under line, which means they have a lot to live up to. It’s so rare for no teams to finish with 95 wins and if one team will do it, it will be the Washington Nationals.

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