Vote Wright Now!

It’s now been eight years since Mets fans were able to experience a postseason for their Amazins’. The excitement in Queens has been limited, though Mets fans on Twitter seem to be quite alright right now. Why? MLB Network’s “Face of MLB” bracket-style competition. Fans of the orange and blue rallied around their captain last offseason, voting as much as possible. David Wright was eventually crowned the 2014 Face of MLB, and Mets fans are looking for a repeat for 2015.

“#MetsTwitter,” as they call themselves (the biggest Mets fanatics on Twitter), love their captain no matter how much he has struggled or had been sidelined by injuries the past few seasons. Fans are also doing everything they can to vote for him by tweeting #DavidWright and #FaceofMLB or retweeting tweets with those two hashtags in them. Additionally, the Mets official twitter account has been a prime supporter of voting for Wright, coming up with slogans and other ways to get followers to retweet.

The person behind @Mets seems to be doing anything they can for people to hit the retweet button.

Even calling fans of famous Met fan Dylan O’Brien:

And getting puppy-lovers involved:

Other ways Mets fans are racking up the votes are by trying to win giveaways from Mets personnel. During last year’s competition Mets Public Relations Director Jay Horwitz offered up a clubhouse tour, tickets and even free burgers!

2014’s “Face of MLB” competition also got the teammates of Twitter-less Wright involved.

There’s finally a positive vibe around the Mets, and winning this competition would just be more icing on the cake for fans of the Amazins’. Up and coming stars Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler at the top of the rotation, Matt Harvey returning, the emergence of Juan Lagares and Travis d’Arnaud, one of the top farm systems in baseball, and, of course, David Wright at the core of it all, add up to making it a great time to be a Met fan.

To vote for David Wright or his opposition in the “Face of MLB” competition, tweet #FaceofMLB along with #DavidWright or hashtag, first and last name of the player. You can vote up to 25 times. Winners are announced the next weekday during the 9am edition of “Hot Stove” on MLB Network.

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