MLB Power Rankings: Spring Training Edition

Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds                                                                                        Joe Gibbins/Getty Images

8. Pittsburgh Pirates

With Gregory Polanco and Gerrit Cole poised for breakout years, and the re-aquisitions of A.J. Burnett and Francisco Liriano, the Pirates will again pose a threat to the reigning division-champ St. Louis Cardinals. The loss of Russel Martin will hurt, but being able to move Josh Harrison into a permanent role at third base, and have Pedro Alvarez out there at the same time at first will provide at least a buffer to the loss of offense from the catcher position. Of course Andrew McCutchen is still around as well, as the former MVP will again lead the Pirates into the battleground that is the NL Central, and hope to lead his team into the playoffs. The Pirates are built around a good rotation with some decent firepower, which is good news for them given the toughness of the NL Central.

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  1. Jimmy

    How do you not mention Justin Morneau in the Rockies section when you talk about how much talent they have? He just won the batting title…


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