MLB Power Rankings: Spring Training Edition

                                                                                       Stephen Stefoia/AP Images

7. Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox made some of the most noise this offseason, after going from first to worst between 2013-2014. The Red Sox went and got the two top position players in third baseman Pablo Sandoval, and shorstop-now outfielder Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez’ switch to left field allows the Red Sox to keep Sandoval, Hanley, and young shortstop Xander Bogaerts on the field at the same time. The switch does give the Red Sox a crowd in the outfield though. Shane Victorino will most likely move to the bench, but given his injury history over the last few years he is better suited there anyway. Also moving to the bench is Allen Craig, who now gives the Red Sox a righty power bat off the bench. So we can expect to see a regular outfield of Ramirez, Mookie Betts, and Cuban Rusney Castillo. Even if Betts or Castillo struggle, Craig, Victorino, or even Brock Holt can be plugged in to replace whoever might be struggling. There was concern about the rotation, but now that Rick Porcello has arrived via trade, Clay Buchholz and Joe Kelly can move down in the rotation where they are better suited. Wade Miley and Justin Masterson are wild cards, but they can be replaced if they can’t find their form from when they were All-Stars. All around though, the Red Sox are strong all over the field.

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  1. Jimmy

    How do you not mention Justin Morneau in the Rockies section when you talk about how much talent they have? He just won the batting title…


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