Report: Josh Hamilton facing disciplinary action for relapsing that involved “at least cocaine”

According to Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times, Josh Hamilton was roused to New York to meet with Major League Baseball about a “disciplinary issue.”

After a couple of hours of speculation and a report from FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal that an executive said it was worse than PEDs, the truth has come out.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports said he has heard from sources that Hamilton confessed that he had relapsed and it involved “at least cocaine” and that it happened “a couple months back.”

Heyman continues to say that he believes Hamilton will be placed in a rehab center as a first time offender. His issues with drugs earlier in his career came before being in the majors, so it is possible that he avoids any kind of suspension.

Hamilton, 33, has fought his drug and alcohol addiction since being a teenager, doing so while becoming a star in the pros. In 2014, he slashed .263/.331/.414 with an OPS+ of 114 playing in only 89 games. He has over $90 million left on his deal with the Angels that runs through 2017.

Hopefully Josh takes time off from baseball and takes the necessary actions to help him become sober again.

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