AL East: Burning Questions For Each Team

Boston Red Sox: Are they done dealing?


Credit: Rob Foldy / Getty Images North America

Cole Hamels wants out of Philadelphia, and I fully expect the Red Sox to be the team to acquire him.  This has been a busy offseason for the Red Sox, as you would expect for a perennial title contender coming off a last place finish.  The Red Sox made several splashy signings this offseason in Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez and most recently Yoan Moncada, but they did not address their most pressing concern – the starting rotation.

Sandoval and Ramirez are good additions for a team that cannot afford another last place finish.  The rotation as it currently sits – Wade Miley, Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello – is underwhelming at best.  The additions to the lineup alone cannot offset the mediocrity of this rotation.  The Red Sox have assets to deal, and they need to decide just how much of a price they are willing to pay for Hamels.  The fact that Hamels has made his demands known may help the Red Sox to trade for him at a bit of a discount.

Red Sox management will need to weigh just how much they want to win with this current iteration of the roster.  If baseball has taught us anything the past few years, it is that you cannot win consistently without developing your own talent.  The core of the Red Sox roster is aging rapidly, and recent top prospects have not panned out.  It may be time to try and make one more run with David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have prospects available to trade, but so far, have been reluctant to part with top talent, offering only Major League players.  The Phillies are in full on rebuild mode, and would prefer prospects at this point of the process.  The Red Sox will have to decide just how much of the future they want to mortgage for Cole Hamels.

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