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Cleveland Indians: Will Nick Swisher bounce back?


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Nick Swisher was the big signing that helped trumpet the Indians return to relevance in 2013.  Since the signing, the outfielder has seen his health decline rapidly.  His aching knees forced him to undergo surgery last August, and he will play with two knee braces this season.

Swisher is still on a limited running program, but has been cleared to hit and throw.  Running will come later this spring, but he expects to be ready for Opening Day.  The condition of his knees limited Swisher to only 97 games last season in which he batted only .208.

The Indians may never get the return on investment they expected when they signed Swisher to a $56 million contract.  He looks healthy and worked hard to lose 15 pounds to take stress off his knees.  Swisher does offer good leadership and a positive attitude to the Indians clubhouse, so he can provide value that way, especially after the retirement of Jason Giambi.  If Swisher is able to even approach the 25 home run level, the Indians offense will receive a massive shot in the arm.  His All-Star days are behind him, but he can still be a valuable asset to the Indians as a leader and designated hitter if his knees allow.

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  1. Robert Townsend

    FYI: Adam Eaton is the White Sox lead-off man, with a .396 OBP post-ASG and an MLB Top 100 and Top 10 CF rating. Needs to stay healthy but has a chance to be an impact guy in their lineup.

  2. BAINES03

    “This team struggled not because of their pitching, but because of their inability to score runs.”
    27/30 in ERA, 13/30 in runs scored. so… no.

    “Robertson is a solid closer, but innings one through eight are of far greater concern for a team coming off two very disappointing seasons.”
    The White Sox finished with the worst bullpen in the AL.

    “Cabrera… will bring a steady presence to the top of the batting order… paired with Alexei Ramirez”
    Adam Eaton is the leadoff hitter. And Ramirez won’t be at the top of the lineup.

    Do SOME homework, please.


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